It saddens me, when I see sincere Christians unknowingly embrace customs and beliefs that are not founded upon the Word of God—because I know from my own experience that they are running the danger of having their streams of living water polluted by false teaching and beliefs.

THE GREAT DECEPTION: Jonathan Cahn ‘The Return’—A Pivotal Event Bringing Thousands to the Washington Mall Sept. 26

The REPENTANCE and RETURN Cahn and James Dobson, along with multitudes of deceived Christians and apostate minsters …are embracing and promoting, means turning back to FALSE Biblical (Judeo-Christian) roots (that include Talmudic laws and practices)…

Rise of One-World Religion Means Living Under Jewish Talmudic NOAHIDE LAWS!

Compiled by: Karen Connell Contributing Source: The Bible says there’s coming an end-time one world religion. The globalists like the Pope have pushed for a new world order and world religion for years. The world religion the Pope and other globalists support is the Noahide Laws. They are not Biblical, but sound very muchContinue reading “Rise of One-World Religion Means Living Under Jewish Talmudic NOAHIDE LAWS!”

Christians Embracing Rabbinic Prophecies?

Introduction By Karen Connell This Article written by watchman Jana Bennun, from (, reveals why so many deceived Evangelical Christians embrace the false teachers, prophets and prophecies, which support Jewish Rabbis, the building of the Temple in Jerusalem and regard Donald Trump as being chosen by God as a “Cyrus.” A large portion of modernContinue reading “Christians Embracing Rabbinic Prophecies?”

Defeating Sorcery by Possessing the Gates of the Enemy

The following is an excerpt from the book ANATOMY FOR DECEPTION If Possible Even the Very Elect Will be Deceived, by Karen Connell …NOTE: Hebrew and Greek definitions and reference numbers are from the STRONG’S CONCORDANCE and the COMPLETE WORD STUDIES DICTIONARY. For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signsContinue reading “Defeating Sorcery by Possessing the Gates of the Enemy”