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I must confess that I have fallen prey to many deceptions throughout my life as a Christian, which have had many devastating consequences for me. Thus, I am strongly determined to seek the Lord regarding any teachings or practices that I encounter within any movement among professing Christians, to make sure they in no way contradict God's Holy Word.

Endtime Beasts of the Bible

Scripture shows how these POWERFUL ENDTIME entities work together and are being used by Satan to keep the majority of the worlds population, including even the very elect, if possible, spiritually DEAF-DUMB-and DECEIVED. God revealed to Job these are associated with our time of being tested by Him. This teaching revels how to break their power. This is a must listen for all serious students of God’s Word!

THE MYSTERY OF INIQUITY MYSTERY OF INIQUITY PT 1 Nathan Leal from ... speaks about a spiritual storm that is arriving! It is a part of the, "Mystery of Iniquity." It will be a new chapter where GREAT DECEPTION takes over the whole planet, and most folks will not even know that it is occurring. MYSTERY... Continue Reading →

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