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But if the watchman sees the sword (judgment) coming and does not blow the trumpet, and the PEOPLE ARE NOT WARNED, and the sword comes …this blood I will require at the watchman’s hand … I have made you a watchman …therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me. (Ezek 33:6-7)

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The Battle for Our Spirit, Mind and Bodies

Genuine followers of Jesus threaten the ruling elite and their plan for a New World Order, because we have the Holy Spirit. That means we have God given discernment and can see through their schemes. We also have the written Word of God, that promises God’s provision and protection and clearly condemns everything they are trying to do. In short, we are the greatest danger to the advancement of the New World Order and those who are trying to program everyone to be godless slaves of the ruling elite. To read CLICK HERE, to order free copies CLICK HERE

Judaism-Kabbalah-Hebrew Roots WATCHMAN REPORT Package … A Biblical and Historical Perspective on Judaism- Kabbalah and the Hebrew Roots Movement … To read CLICK HERE To order the FREE Judaism-Kabbalah-Hebrew Roots Pkg. CLICK HERE

Jonathan Cahn: Revealer of Mysteries or Masonic Judaizer? Don’t be Conned by JONATHAN CAHN and His Kabbalah Revelations. Jonathan Cahn is responsible for having shipwrecked the faith of many Christians through his false teaching and so called prophecies. He refers to the mystical rabbinical writings from the Zohar POSITIVELY, saying that because God had inspired them Christians should “listen to the rabbis”. He presents the Zohar as something that can be studied and its’ depths plumbed for hidden mysteries. A vast majority of Christians are failing to understand that modern Kabbalah Judaism is a false mystical occult religion, embraced by Luciferians. Both Jesus and the Apostle Paul condemned its’ practice. So why are so many Christians paying homage to Judaism? CLICK to read To request this FREE Watchman package CLICK

KABBALAH-JUDAISM and the FREE MASONS Watchman Report: Satan has been able to use these things to confuse and deceive many of God’s people. These cults have invaded Christianity in very subtle ways, and have managed to change and challenge the very foundation of Christianity in ways that most Christians are not even aware of. This report reveals an aspect of the mystery of lawlessness, which is clearly revealed through religions, signs and symbolism of KABBALAH—which is alive and well TODAY and seen all around us.To read this 205 pg. report CLICK HERETo Request this FREE KABBALAH Package CLICK HERE

CHRISTIANIZED PAGAN PRACTICES Watchman Report:​ Tragically, professing Christians who love this world and its ways celebrate and embrace numerous holidays, festivals and practices that are actually originate from pagan practices and mock the very God these pagan things purport to honor. This report is therefore, blowing the trumpet to challenge those who confess to follow Christ—and to become informed, in order to see the truth and avoid “mixture” (which God forbids) and compromise, by trying to Christianize” pagan practices and dishonoring the very God they profess as their Lord and Savior. To read this report CLICK HERE To Request this FREE Christian Paganism Package CLICK HERE

Understanding the Early Church Doctrine of APOKATASTASIS
An early Christian Church doctrine that was prevalent for the first 500 years of   Christianity, known as “Apokatastasis”— has since been, for the most part, lost to our modern church era. The word “Apokatastasis” is a Greek word that means: restitution  and restoration of all things. Learn how this Biblical doctrine, reveals the final restoration of all things, including the restoration of all sinful beings after a time (BUT NOT ETERNALLY) of purging, refining and healing in God’s refining fire in the Lake of Fire and brimstone. Knowing what these terms literally mean in the originally inspired Hebrew and Greek texts is truly eye opening! Jesus truly died to RESTORE ALL THINGS…and  ALL includes ALL people! Request this FREE—APOKATASTASIS Package which includes The Watchman Report and DVD’s CLICK to read To request this FREE APOKATASTASIS Watchman package CLICK

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Dark Secrets Exist At The Heart Of AI “We Don’t Even Understand How These Synthetic Minds Are Figuring Us Out…    And Making Decisions That Could Be Unpredictable And Inscrutable”  
The computers that run those services have programmed themselves, and they have done it in ways we cannot understand. Even the engineers who build these apps cannot fully explain their behavior. This raises mind-boggling questions. 


BE INFORMED and PREPARED Time is running Out! (61 Pg. Report) Some of the topics covered are: *The End Game is close *The Fema Camp Lists: Red—Blue—Yellow are close to being activated:    *FEMA CAMPS UNDER MARTIAL LAW   *State by State Verified Listings of Some Known Fema  Camps    *Prophetic Word of Warning!    ​Walmart and Food Control *Evidence Suggesting That Closed Walmart Are Staging Centers for FEMA Camps.  DVD Topics include…
*CLERGY RESPONSE TEAM Insider Reveals the Duties of a *Pastor Inside of a FEMA Camp *Romans 13 Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg*Has DHS, FEMA & The FDA Have Taken Over Your Church? *Continuing Threats to the Church*The Clergy Response Teams. To read CLICK HERE ... To request THE FREE Be Informed and Prepared package CLICK HERE  

Secret Government Projects and Experiments on MIND CONTROL
​To read this report CLICK HERE
To order a FREE report and DVD package CLICK HERE

FORGET NOT THE WATCHMAN’S WARNINGS In this Report, I am bringing a reminder from past reports, of what the watchmen have already warned us of, which many are still ignorant of, or have not taken seriously… much of which is now happening and is about to occur!
Do you have ears to hear the WATCHMAN’S WARNINGS?

What is OSEH? It is Luciferian technology using Satan’s messages as weapons against humans: that can infiltrate the human brain. These weapons are known as…Organized Stalking-Electronic Harassment. The 3 DVD’s discusses mind control and social engineering, Smart Meters, microwave weapons, Gwen, electromagnetic wave pulses, cell phone radiation, The Lilly wave, and more. CLICK HERE To read …To Request the FREE… OSEH MIND CONTROL Package CLICK HERE

Are You Experiencing True End-Time Fellowship or Apostate Christianity? This report and DVD reveals how Satan’s Luciferian plan was a covert invasion to ambush Christianity by the evil rulers of the Illuminati by Using 501C3 Churches and their Pastors– To Destroy Christianity. The accompanying DVD has vital information for those who are serious about avoiding the pitfalls of end time apostasy. Truth is our greatest protection against the enemies invasion of deception! To read CLICK HERETo order the FREE Apostate package CLICK HERE

BILLY GRAHAM the Free Mason: Many may be angered and shocked like I was and others will become defensive and antagonistic towards those of us who are bringing this information to the forefront. When my favorite ministers were shown to be involved with the occult I WAS SHOCKED and angered at how deceived we have been.The DVD will educate God’s people on how immense Satan’s schemes are and how far reaching into Christianity they are. We cannot fight an enemy that we do not recognize, therefore it is imperative that we know who the enemy is and how he operates and who his ambassadors are. To read this report click here … To READ Online CLICK HERETo order a FREE copy OF the Billy Graham Pkg CLICK HERE

In this report, you will discover some of the ways in which God’s people are being seduced by many deceptive tactics being used by occultists, and the New Age holistic healing and health community. Unless the Word of God is our standard by which we weigh our practices and is the standard for what we embrace as truth, we will be led astray into the enemy’s camp by what sounds good and by what can give us the results we are looking to achieve. Just because something works does not mean it is the works of God! The end results never justify the means by which we achieve them. Some of the topics covered in this report are: *Energetic Medicine *HOLISTIC HEALTH MOVEMENT *BIO-ENERGY? *DEMONIC ENERGY— An Operative Reality. Learn why The “love frequency” of 528 Hz is actually SATANIC as well as Vibrating in Harmony with God Healing Through Sound and light and more. To order a FREE copy OF the New age Pkg. CLICK HERE… To read this report CLICK HERE

SURVIVAL REPORT Be Prepared for Emergency and Crisis Situations. As Christians, we must act wisely and prepare for the coming end time days of trials and tribulations. The Bible makes it clear that times of judgment that will result in disasters and chaos in many places upon this earth. God is always gracious to warn His people of His judgments—and those “who have ears to hear” will like Noah, who was warned of God’s judgment, follow God’s leading and become prepared. The world waits until something happens, then decides what they need to do. There are those who try to prepare for emergency situations. In this report we will try to cover some of the most serious and imminent situations and the essential items you need to sustain life. To read this (54-PG.) report CLICK HERE​To Request this FREE Survival Package CLICK HERE​​

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