The Private Battles of Prophetic Voices

May you be blessed and encouraged at the reading of this word… this is a word of great encouragement from a very powerful prophetic voice from Brisbane, Australia. I don’t personally know the person, but I know them through the spirit and this word from the Lord resonated within me when I read it.

The message starts out by saying… “There are many prophetic voices that have been in private battles, especially recently, they’ve been fighting for their lives and for their mantle behind closed doors. These private battles have left many feeling weary frustrated, beaten down, and broken.

The lord then showed me that there’s a spirit of python that has been coming against many true prophetic voices, to try to suck the life out of them and to suffocate them and to break them and to silence them and to completely take them out and to hinder them from moving out into what the lord has destined, which is just up ahead.

There have been intense battles and opposition of the enemy against you says the lord, to try to take you out, but my hand has been molding you and shaping you and preparing you for what you are about to release.

You see, I the lord have been depositing things within you. I want you to know I have been depositing things within you in the most broken places, you don’t even realize that I’ve been doing this.

The writer of this word says, “I saw the place of brokenness and the place of being battle weary and the lord said, “I am decreeing a divine reset … all that the enemy has caused, all the trauma all the fear, all the terror, all the weariness …  it’s about to fall from you.  All of the ailments are about to fall to the ground, all these issues with your sight are about to be healed.”

 I also I hear the spirit of God saying…” especially spiritual sight any of the places where the vision that I the lord gave you, which have been stolen, tampered with, and confused I am going to reestablish for you and you are about to be consecrated into My vision like never before.

You have been knocked down and broken as you’ve stepped into what I have spoken to you, but now I the lord am reviving, restoring and resetting you into it. Only this time you’re gonna notice that something is very different in the darkness in the battle and in the wilderness (isolate) place. I have extended the vision. Now I am about to release this vision, now I am about to release this EXTENDED vision (Karen: “I was so blessed and found it so awesome that this is an extended vision, for the name of our ministry is Extended life Christian Training Ministry!”) The extended vision will increase, and the broken and stolen places will be completely restored.

The one giving this word went on to say… I then had a vision and I saw Jesus walking over to each prophetic voice that has been under attack, and he was ministering to them. They wept as he ministered to them because their weariness was deep from being in his fire.

I (Karen) just want to insert this and stop for a minute before continuing with this word and again say how much this prophetic word really spoke to me, especially regarding the emphasis on the word extended because as I shared in my previous comment the name the ministry that God gave us in 1995 was Extended Life Christian Trading Ministry. Thinking this was an odd name for a ministry, I looked up the word extended in the dictionary and closely studied all its many meanings, which gave me an awesome understanding as to what our ministry was being called to do. Bringing spiritual increase and growth, especially relating to spiritual sight (discernment) was one of those definitions, which is also mentioned in this prophetic word!

The writer of this prophecy goes on to say … he placed his hand under the chins of the people with prophetic voices and the Lord said to them, “you have been found faithful.”  As his words fell from his mouth it came to them like honey (i.e., wisdom) and oil (anointing) were mingled together. As I watched the honey and the oil from his words pour over them from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet, I saw that nothing was left untouched.

I heard the word restored thundering all around me I heard the resounding promise of (Jeremiah 30:17) concerning these prophetic voices, in which God says:

“For I will restore health to you and your wounds I will heal declares the lord, because they have called you an outcast in zion”.

It is happening …an increase of anointing is taking place all of the broken and stolen places are being completely restored this is your greatest new beginning!

Then God spoke again, and he said, “many of you have been in these fierce private battles fighting for your lives crying out to me saying, ‘lord this is the end!’ but I am decreeing that this is your greatest new beginning where you thought you had come to your end and could not go on I have brought you to the place of promotion.

For in these fierce battles that you’ve been going through I have done things within you and placed things within you that you’ve not even yet seen. You have remained faithful in the midst of the Fire, but I have spoken to you things that are breaking down what needed to be broken down and even while the enemy was attempting to suffocate you, (Karen: because I could not breathe and was suffocating during my COVID-19 episode, I had to be put on a ventilator while in my coma).

But I the Lord say…you moved into the greatest promotion of your assignment and into the release of your prophetic voice upon this earth (Karen: personally for me this is referring to the release of the revelations God has given me within my new book: Humanity’s Journey to Ultimate Victory).

The lord then showed me that this spirit of python has attempted to steal and suffocate these prophetic voices those of you who’ve been in intense private battles you know that your voice has been stolen and it’s been hindered.

But because you’ve been crying out to the lord about this very thing, I heard the lord say, “the enemy attempted to silence you, but you are now moving into an increase of anointing like that of John the Baptist, which is going to prepare the body of Christ for the revealing of my glory and majesty,” says God.

John the Baptist and Elijah prophets have been especially hard hit lately but that’s because the lord is about to release upon them the most significant weighty and anointed words that they have ever received to prepare the body of Christ for the revealing of His majesty and glory.

Those of you who’ve been in private battles take hope, for your deliverance is nigh and the lord is increasing the oil of his presence and anointing upon you. Fear and intimidation in the battle has attempted to stop you from moving forward and speaking but I hear (Zechariah 2: 5) For I declare, says the lord, there will be a wall of fire around you and you will be the glory in your midst.”

The fear and intimidation that has been so intense, but the hand of the lord is over you. There is an increase of angelic host surrounding you and what the enemy has been whispering are lies, no he will not have you or your or your family. You have been broken down by the battle but the lord’s hand in this brokenness has been forging you and forming you. You are the clay, and he is the potter and in the midst of the battle you have continued to cry out, “your will be done.”

Therefore, prideful self-promotion, self-agendas, impurity of heart judgments, and bitterness are being broken off you. The brokenness has been hard but what the lord is doing in the midst of all of it is beautiful. The private battle may have felt like it almost was killing you, but the demonstration of his restoration is going to be seen publicly, all around you. For in the areas where there has been such an intense private battle over your voice and the words that you speak, breakthrough is upon you.

This breakthrough will cause you to run forth and carry the new sound that God is releasing (Karen: for me personally, this new sound entails a new extended understanding on many topics taught in scripture, such as are covered in this new book).

Unlike any other season before I feel that the weightiness of the fear of God is over the stewardship of the hearts of the people. The people who the lord is raising up are carrying this new sound of those who are walking in purity of heart they will come out of the woodwork carrying this new sanctifying sound of the lord. They’ve been forged in his fire and forged in the battle, and they walk with one agenda, which is to minister to Jesus and see His kingdom established within people and his glory revealed upon the earth.

 Surely the glory of the lord will be revealed, and all flesh will see it all together for the mouth of the lord has spoken this very thing in (Isaiah 4: 5). These prophetic voices will carry this new sound releasing it into the earth bringing many to true repentance. It has already begun but it’s about to get much louder. This is why the enemy has tried to kill these John the Baptist and Elijah voices.

They will not be positioned by the hand of man but by the hand of the lord and the favor of the lord will follow them while stones of jealousy and injustice and backbiting and curses have been thrown at them by others in the body of Christ.

This the lord says, “has developed within them a thick skin and a soft heart, for truly they pray for those who curse them and bless those who hurt them according to My words in (Luke 6: 28). Where the words of other people have tried to tear them down and the pure word from Me that they carry will see My hand position them in greater favor than ever before.”

I hear the Lord saying, “Your prophetic voice will be empowered by the spirit of God in ways that has never been seen with miraculous and mighty exploits of his power accompanying the word of the lord and that new sound bringing the message of sanctification that is coming upon this earth. (Karen: this has been the major theme for our Extended Life Ministry from its inception).

When these prophetic voices speak and decree these messages there will be a violent shaking in the spirit and many will see almost instantaneous manifestations in the natural when they respond to this sanctification message.

The writer goes on to say: The enemy has tried so hard to knock these prophetic voices out of the divine alignment of God in all that he has called them to walk in but now they are being restored and raised up stronger than ever carrying the new sound and this earth-shaking, groundbreaking anointing for alignment with God’s purposes. When they speak the spirit of God will move in power and mighty demonstrations.

This will bring the divine alignment of spirit soul and body that will come from God, and it will manifest in the natural.  You who are the true prophetic voices of God, in the fiercest private battles of your life thought you were going to die but this is not the end Jesus is with you. He is ministering to you.

You have met your point of greatest promotion. You are being into your assignments and anointings with increase to release the sound of His heart upon the earth and to prepare the way of a great move for God. The breaker is upon you don’t stop putting your hands to what God has called you to do and that is speak his word.


For the first 500 years of Christianity, the doctrine of ultimate reconciliation, salvation and restoration was a prevalent Biblical truth, which was taught by the founding twelve apostles. This book gives an overview of how and why this truth has all but disappeared from modern Christianity. The topic of the mistranslation from Latin, of Key words to the original Greek and Hebrew texts is also historically and scripturally proven.

The book reveals how these errors led to false teachings especially regarding the subjects of hell and eternal punishment, which were propagated by early pagan gnostic scholars that began invading the Christian church, during the time of the Apostle Paul’s ministry. The book also reveals many Biblical and historical proofs that are counter to much of what the current institutional and evangelical churches teach regarding the subjects of hell and the Lake of fire in light of eternal punishment.

The Scriptural and historical truth regarding these things have been hidden and lost to the majority of Christians for centuries after the start of Christianity. However, there has always been a remnant of God’s “truth seekers” who have found and shared many of these little-known Biblical truths, which are revealed in this book.

Many dear Saints have paid a great price, including martyrdom for believing the awesome truth of the TOTAL VICTORY of Jesus Christ. His victory over death and hell (the grave), is God’s gift for ALL of humanity, and was purchased by His death, burial and resurrection from the grave (hell).

(1 Tim 4:10)

Jesus Christ is truly the Savior of ALL men, especially of those who believe.”

Because of His death, and resurrection, ALL of humanity shall ultimately be drawn to Christ so they can ultimately be reconciled, saved and restored. Jesus said…

(John 12:32)

“But I will draw ALL men to myself when I am lifted up from the earth” .

As God has promised:

(Lamentations 3:31-32)

For NONE are cast off by the Lord forever… Though He brings grief, he will show compassion, so great is his unfailing love. .

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