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SCHOOL OF EVANGELISM … Are you ready to give up your SELF LIFE and move into experiencing the ABUNDANT LIFE that Jesus died to give us? THE LAST REFORMATION School of Evangelism, presents 28 powerful Biblical Video Lessons, taught by founder and Evangelist Torben Søndergaard. These powerful lessons will help lay the Biblical foundation for becoming better equipped, to go out and “make disciples of all people”… as Jesus commanded His followers to do.

SPIRITUAL GIFTS COURSE  Students are taught concerning the operation and Biblical protocol for ministering spiritual gifts. The student is also taught the Biblical basis for ‘hearing and recognizing God’s voice’.  The impartation of gifts comes through teaching that results in faith to desire and to receive spiritual gifts … desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.”  [1 Cor 14:1]

Overview of The Apocryphal Books … Many in these end times are coming to understand that Satan has done his best to distort and erase our ancient history. This study reveals much of the vital information from ancient history, which has been hidden from the majority of Christians, beginning around 100 years after the death of the founding Apostles until now. However, God told Daniel that in the end times “knowledge would increase” (Dan 12:4) and this includes knowledge concerning lost history. There are many ancient texts that are a valuable resource for historical Biblical information. In this course of study, much information is given concerning many of these ancient texts. Because very little has been taught about the Apocryphal books, which were recognized and even quoted by the Apostles and Jesus Himself, is reason enough for Christians to discover for themselves why these books were not canonized. The video discussions and the written information gives much insight concerning these often forbidden ancient texts.

THREEFOLD CORD HEALING AND DELIVERANCE COURSE … We are living in the prophesied perilous and very dangerous end times that the Bible has warned us about… and it is only going to get worse… AND NOT BETTER!  Thus, without the RIGHT SCRIPTURAL AND SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION being solidly established in our Christian life, we will not be able to stand when the winds of adversity assail against us! Very few churches in these last days are teaching God’s people the genuine foundational doctrines of Christianity which were taught to us by the founding 12 Apostles and that were taught by the first century church. Our Christian Biblical foundations have been laid waste for many generations through false teaching or from lack of true anointed Scriptural teaching.

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