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Jesus said that Deception would be an earmark of the end times in which we are now living. It running rampant in a multitude of apostate churches world wide.  This book explores the many strategies being used and the avenues that Satan and his army of demonic influences are operating from, so that IF POSSIBLE EVEN THE VERY ELECT WILL BE DECEIVED! This is a must read for all serious followers of Jesus Christ. 305 pages. To read online click the book title: ANATOMY FOR DECEPTION ... To ORDER this book CLICK

Many Christians are not aware that they have been infected with DEADLY deceptions that have subtly invaded the body of Christ during the past few decades.  False teachers are misusing the Bible by adding to it and taking away from the content and context of Scripture. God’s word must be RIGHTLY DIVIDED so we don’t fall prey to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons!   67 pagesTo read online click the title: NORMALIZING EVIL Through False Teaching ... To ORDER this book CLICK

This booklet contains a study from God’s word on the subject of The Glory of God. In recent times there have been many lying signs and wonders that have been called manifestations of God’s Glory. However, The Bible clearly teaches when we come into actual contact with God’s glory, we are truly changed! God reveals Himself and His power through His glory, therefore it is crucial to understand what the Bible has to say on the subject of God’s true glory. 53 pagesTo read online click the title: INVESTIGATING AND EXPERIENCING THE GLORY OF GOD  ... To ORDER this book CLICK

Rather than allowing the Holy Spirit to reveal what the Bible has to say on this subject, far too many men and women have embraced false cultural and denominational viewpoints.  The Word of God must be our final authority for all things. Men and women alike need to be free to fulfill God’s call to His service. 45 pagesTo read online click the title: WOMEN IN MINISTRY ... To ORDER this book CLICK  

This book deals with the subject of WHAT causes a person who started out as a sincere Christian to end up becoming a BACKSLIDER. The author clearly presents a Biblical perspective on how many Christians start out walking and living in the light of God’s truth only to find themselves walking in the “9 Steps” on the “Downward Spiral into Darkness” as put forth in this study. Without understanding HOW this happens, these Christians find themselves going up and down on this spiral into darkness, causing them to live a defeated, depressing and very unstable Christian life. This is a must read for any Christian who sincerely wants to help others or themselves to—get off and stay off of this confusing spiral spiritual lifestyle and to begin living a stable, powerful and victorious life that truly honors God! 171 pagesTo read online click the title: DOWNWARD SPIRAL INTO DARKNESS ... To ORDER this book CLICK

This book examines how we can find eternal life and also examines the foundational Christian doctrines of …
regenerationjustificationsanctification– and glorification.  Understanding what the Bible teaches on these subjects is a must for laying a proper Christian foundation for spiritual growth. Karen also examines the Bible’s—accuracy, inspiration and correctly interpreting the Scriptures.  122 pages To read online click the title: Got a life ... To ORDER this book CLICK

There is much being taught and written on the subject of “spiritual warfare” within many Christian circles.  Far too many Christians are falling prey to teachings that are not biblical on this subject. This book is a must read for those wanting a clear Biblical perspective regarding true spiritual warfare.  61 pages ​SPIRITUAL WARFARE ... To ORDER this book CLICK

This book needs to be in the hands of every professing Christian because a lack of knowledge concerning the ruling principalities of the Jezebel/Ahab spirits and how they are controlling our modern world, is causing the faith and even the eternal destinies of multitudes of professing Christians to become shipwrecked in these end-times. In this study you will find out how to do effective spiritual warfare against these powerful blaspheming ruling principalities. This is crucial for every true believer and follower of Jesus Christ, if they are to survive what lies ahead in the dangerous and deceptive days of this last generation before the return of our Lord and Savior! To read on line CLICK HERE ... To ORDER this book CLICK

This 400 plus page manual is currently being revised and is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2020

Spiritual gifts are available for every Christian as essential tools for doing the work of their ministry. It is vital to have a Biblical understanding of what the gifts are and how they are to operate. Spiritual gifts are part of the arsenal of weapons in our fight against Satan and his host of demonic spirits and they are also the tools needed to build up the church known as the body of Christ, so
it can function as God intends. 173 pagesTo read online click the title: SPIRITUAL GIFTS MANUAL ... To ORDER this book CLICK

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