Karen Connell’s NEW BOOK!

How can an all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving God create billions and billions of people just like you and me, knowing most will be tormented in hell forever? Is the power of our “free will” able to damn ourselves for eternity to hell really able to exceed the power of God’s “free will” to save us, His very own property? For God says, “All souls are mine” (Ez. 18:4). This book has Biblical answers to these any many more "hard questions" regarding eternal punishment, hell and the lake of fire. (Click image for more information).

Endtime Beasts of the Bible

Scripture shows how these POWERFUL ENDTIME entities work together and are being used by Satan to keep the majority of the worlds population, including even the very elect, if possible, spiritually DEAF-DUMB-and DECEIVED. God revealed to Job these are associated with our time of being tested by Him. This teaching revels how to break their power. This is a must listen for all serious students of God’s Word!

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