NEWS TODAY – Black Reparations, Emergent Church, Global Agenda to Build Back Better

Dr. June shows how the agenda to get reparations for the black people is really an agenda to bring the country and the world down to bring in the morality of the Noahide Laws. This is also for the agenda to build back better for the Great Reset. The link below will bring you more short video clips that are very informative...

Black Reparations as a Tool to Bring Country & Globe Down for New World- They Want to Build Back Better – Anti-Christian

While many people in the church are distracted with President Trump’s false promises, Q’s misleading narratives and the mainstream nonsense, the New World Order agenda is moving full-steam ahead. One of their plans is to address slavery as a means to bring down the white man’s version of Christianity. I have been reporting for a while now that when they constantly bring it up about white supremacy, white nationalism, white this and white that, it does not mean skin. This is white man’s form of Christianity. The King James. The white man’s Jesus. (Interpretation that is). The light.

See News Here:

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