Spiritual Gifts Course

 Gifts Course  All students are taught concerning the operation and Biblical protocol for ministering spiritual gifts. The student is also taught the Biblical basis for ‘hearing and recognizing God’s voice’.  The impartation of gifts comes through teaching that results in faith to desire and to receive spiritual gifts … desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.”  [1 Cor 14:1]

This course of study is focused upon understanding the three specific categories of spiritual gifts that are mentioned in Scripture. These include the:


Students will soon learn how to Biblically recognize and exercise whatever gifts the Holy Spirit has imparted or will impart to them. The Bible teaches it is “…by reason of use that we have our spiritual senses exercised” (Heb 5:14). The (150 page)  Spiritual Gifts Manual and Spiritual Gifts along with Teaching CD’s–can be downloaded for those taking the course on line.  All assignments can also be downloaded and completed on line… or if desired, materials can be mailed to the student and the course can be taken by correspondence.

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