True End-Time Fellowship or Apostasy?

By Karen Connell

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.Eph 5:11

The average professing Christian today has a very limited understanding, if any at all—concerning just how apostate (and dangerous) modern day  Christianity really is. What most know as Christianity today, has very little—if any resemblance to what we find in the Bible.

Those whose faith is founded upon personal “spiritual experiences,” soulish emotional thoughts and feelings—or the traditions and teachings of man-made denominations—rather than loyalty to the integrity of the Word of God,  have become captives of the prophesied great end-time deception and apostasy operating within Christendom today. Trying to inform professing Christians concerning apostasy is usually an exercise in futility, because of their inability to understand the truth. Those in this place have lost or have never known—the reality of true Christian fellowship that is needed to foster wisdom and accurate discernment. There are many, like myself, who hunger for “fellowship” with other Christians who are also in a place of true fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Those in this place of true fellowship are hearing and seeing what God the Father is revealing to them from His heart to theirs—by Jesus Christ (the Word)—on a daily  basis. This means they are prepared to face what lies ahead in this final generation before the return of Jesus Christ.


Our personal fellowship with Jesus and God our Father is the only foundation for our fellowship with other true followers of the Lord. Biblical Christian fellowship is not created by simply coming together in a time of  worship to sing songs in a church service, or by having a pot blessing in a “fellowship” hall where one can make new acquaintances or friends who claim to be Christians. These things are fine in and of themselves, but true Christian fellowship comes from the personal intimacy that each believer has with the Father and His Son Jesus the living Word of God. The Apostle John said this very thing:

We are telling you about what we ourselves have actually seen and heard, so that you may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.(1 John 1:3)

The word FELLOWSHIP is the Greek word NT:2842  koinonia (koy-nohn-ee’-ah); meaning partnership, and refers to intimate-communication, communion, to contribute-or to distribute.

Thus, Christian “fellowship” is based upon “intimate communication” that creates a close “partnership” where both parties are contributing to the relationship (partnership) by hearing and sharing what the Father is  communicating from His Son (the Word of God). 

There is great joy when I am able to “share” or distribute and communicate with others what I have seen and heard from God, and the same holds true when others are able to do the same with me. When this happens we are experiencing “Holy Communion” because the Word (bread of life) is being broken or shared among us.

This sowing and receiving of the bread of life is how the true body of Christ is knit together in loving relationship. For God is love and the Words He speaks to us are words rooted and grounded in love.  Sharing what God personally speaks to us from His Word, means we are sharing His love with others, even if His words are that of correction, rebuke or reproof—they are still words of love! Love compels us to speak the truth and always speaks what is right and beneficial.

Sowing the Seed of the Word into different types of Christian “Soil”

What kind of ground are you?

From day one of my teaching ministry, I found that trying to share what I have heard and seen from God with professing Christians who do not have true fellowship with the Father through the Word of God—was also an exercise in futility—and how they responded to the Word (seed sown) varied depending upon the type of “soil” I was sowing the word (seed) into. The parable of the sower was in fact, the very portion of Scripture the Father gave to me the first time I was called upon to share and teach what I had heard and seen from the Word. I have seen in this parable answers as to why professing Christians remain carnal and do not produce fruit, and never become fruitful mature Christians.

How much we are able to have intimate fellowship with God as well as  the  quality of our fellowship with God—depends upon the condition of our heart’s “soil”—upon which the seed (Word) of God is sown. An examination of the four types of soil from the parable of the sower is very reveling. [1]

[1] I have defined these different types of soil according to the original word studies that are associated with each of their corresponding verses.


When any one hears the word of the kingdom, but understands it not, then comes the wicked one, and catches away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed (sowed seed) by the way side (this phrase literally refers to: a certain manner of thinking, feeling, deciding). –Matt 13:19

Wayside Ground represents those who choose to have a certain way of thinking (i.e mindsets), feeling and deciding that keeps them from understanding the Word (putting it all together), thus allowing the enemy to steal the truth when it is sown in their heart (soil). They hear (listen to the truth) but can’t make sense of it, so it is snatched from them because they do not have intimate fellowship with the Word of God (Jesus).  Thus they form and follow their own way of thinking (opinions & beliefs), feelings, and decisions— and they are not open to changing their minds, therefore they represent those who choose to be unrepentant. Those in this place are eternally lost because the truth is not understood and cannot save them or set them free from the power of the enemy, unless they decide to seek God and change their mind.


But he that received the seed into stony places, the same is he that hears the word, and anon with joy receives it; Yet has he no root in himself, but endures for a while: for when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, by and by he is offended.Matt 13:20-21

Stony Ground represents those who hear the Word and immediately receive it with joy, but eventually it triggers an offense within them because of “stones” (false teachings, beliefs or revelations) in their soil (heart), that keep them from becoming “rooted and grounded” (i.e. they are unstable because a faulty Christian foundation has been laid). They understand the Word, but it becomes an offense (because of leaven i.e. stones) when the Word requires them to endure something they don’t agree with or like.


He also that received seed among the thorns is he that hears (listens to) the word; but the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful.Matt 13:22

Thorny Ground represents those who listen to the Word that is sown in their “carnal” (thorny) heart, but it bears no fruit.  They are like the tree that had no fruit that Jesus talked about in (Lk 13:8). Those with this kind of a heart are ruled by their carnal nature and produce the works of the flesh and bear no fruit of the spirit. They are deceived by their carnal desires for  control,  influence, personal security, the good things in life and happiness (CWSD) defines these as “riches”). These desires “choke” or overpower (i.e. take priority over) their fellowship with the Word of God, which causes them great internal  “pressure” (conflict) and anxiety.


 But he that received seed into the good ground is he that hears the word,  and understands it; which also bears fruit, and brings forth, some an hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.Matt 13:23

Good Ground represents those who listen to and understand the Word of God when it is sown in their heart. This means they are wise in their decision to respect their duty to obey or act upon the Word given to them… they are doers and not just hearers only. They become godly saints producing spiritual fruit and growth. How much fruit and growth depends upon how much wisdom (understanding) and obedience the Word is able to produce” … some 100 fold—some 60 fold—some 30 fold—this is according to how sanctified they become, meaning how many stones and thorns are removed from their soil.

 ***NOTE: the word “understand” is a key word in this parable that has many layers of “truth” (manifold wisdom) surrounding it. It is the Greek word NT: 4920 suniemi (soon-ee’-ay-mee); which is a compound word from—“sun” (together) and “hiemi” (meaning to put). The CWSD states: suniemi means to “put together”—as collecting the pieces of a puzzle and putting them together. The “understanding” mind grasps concepts and sees the proper relationship between them. This word suniemi denotes the wise who hear (listen to), notice, perceive, recognize, reason things out and make sense of it all… I find this especially interesting in light of the fact that the CWSD also states that NT: 2447 ios (ee-os’); is the masc. noun form of hiemi and ios (ee-os’); means: to put, send out, or emit venom from serpents fangs; or rust as being emitted from metals. Thus, “suniemi” is a veiled reference to: putting together the puzzle pieces associated with (Satan’s) venom (deception) and rust (his destruction). Putting this puzzle together is indeed is a very important assignment for us in these end times.

Its no great revelation that when we lack understanding, Satan can deceive us and cause great destruction. When we lack understanding this means we lack discernment which is why, as prophesied great apostasy or deception would be an earmark of the end time church.

Apostasy has Ambushed the End Time Church

Unbeknownst to the majority of Christians today, the prophesied end time deception was planned as a covert invasion to ambush Christianity many generations ago and involves the creation of an apostate Christianity by the Illuminati. This invasion began growing in intensity in the 1800’s. As Lorraine Day, M.D,  in her article, How the New World Order is Using the Christian Churches and their Pastors – to Destroy Christianity reveals,[2] it was at that time the Rothschild family, sent a Jewish Illuminist by the name of Jacob Schiff, to America with an assignment, which included among other things, the destruction of religion in the United States, especially that of Christianity. As one of the means for accomplishing this, Schiff created an organization that  became known as the NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES that promotes ecumenicalism, which requires watering down or eliminating the true gospel and the Word of God itself.

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[2] I have included her article in full in the new End Time Apostate Christianity Watchman Report.

It is important to know that Schiff was an agent of the Rothschild banking family of Europe (the financial backers for the Illuminati world wide)—because a large part of the Illuminati agenda was to infiltrate Christian churches with their tares (false ministers) and leaven (false teachings). This has certainly been achieved and is stealthily being carried out by the Luciferians, who have been sending their tares into Christian seminaries (as professors)—to harvest leaders, such as Billy Graham and many other Luciferians who would promote such things as “ecumenicalism,” “church growth” and of course demandable false teachings such as the “prosperity and dominionism doctrines” (as leaven) among the sheep. Thus, Christianity has moved away from the command of the Lord to “feed His sheep” to that of embracing a form of Christianity that became a money making 501c3 corporation, which promotes church growth through “church planting—instead of Christian growth through being planted in true Christian fellowship, as was just discussed.

This concept actually began with the establishment of the Catholic Church and their “public open door” policy. Up until then, the early church met in small private genuine fellowships, behind closed doors, which only accepted true followers of the Lord as part of their fellowships (which in these end times is now more important than ever to emulate).

It was with the establishment of the Catholic Church, which strove to make Christianity a “state controlled religion”… that this “pagan Christianity” gained great wealth and power through their leaven (unbiblical doctrines) promoted by their tares (compromising unconverted and tolerant pagan leaders). There was great “public acceptance” and promotion of a Catholic (which means “universal”) Church that was accepting of any who would pay allegiance to this man made religious institution, which in turn would grant them access to entering heaven after death.

This empowered the Luciferians to move Christianity away from allegiance to the Word of God and towards—allegiance to Luciferian religious denominations, institutions and corporations.

In order to align Christianity with the government here in the USA, the Illuminati in 1954 used, then Senator Lyndon B. Johnson (himself an illuminist) to create the 501c3 (as leaven to harm) churches and other ministries functioning as corporations. Many saw this tax exempt status as a blessing to the church, but the reality is—it was a curse in disguise because of the “strings” (chains really) that are attached to this “blessing.” LBJ’s political agenda was to silence churches and to eliminate their powerful influence over shaping public opinion, by threatening the loss of their 501c3 tax exempt status— if they Biblically addressed important issues of the day.

Apostasy has grown to where it is today because for many decades we have not had genuine Christian leaders who are truly caring for and feeding the sheep. I like to liken leaders of 501c3 churches who strive to “grow” their church, to be like permissive parents who want to be popular with their children, so they won’t correct them or uphold or enforce Biblical boundaries or standards. Instead they strive to see to it that their sheep are constantly entertained and feel good—by only feeding them comforting “good tasting” spiritual junk food diets, which keep them self-centered, spiritually underdeveloped and carnal. They are not giving them anything of substance so they can mature and Biblically deal with what the world throws at them. This apostasy has created Christians that are Biblically ignorant and spiritually dwarfed.

The “3 Phases” of Luciferian Apostasy

Apostasy’s leaven can be likened to a (contagious) disease that has attached itself to and weakened the backbone of true Christianity [3]. Hanging around a contagious person, almost insures that one will also be affected by their defilement (leaven). Leaven (what is spiritually wrong or harmful), is like mold that spreads. I know this to be all too true, as I was part of the “dominion camp,” which includes the Word of Faith and NAR movements, and it has taken me much time and great  effort to rid myself of many contagions associated with their leaven (false and harmful practices and teachings).  If nothing else, I can guarantee confusion and double mindedness to be constant companions, which hinders or prevents true spiritual discernment. That is why we are told to come out from among those with leaven, because it is so harmful and contagious… it WILL end up spoiling our whole lump (life). Many times people become infected with a life threatening disease and don’t even know it until it is too late, and has become a death sentence.

Following are “3 phases” or “stages” of Luciferian apostasy used by the Illuminati that are discussed by Timothy Alberino in his DVD, concerning apostasy that has invaded Christianity.[3]

[3] These 3 phases of apostasy are from the DVD Apostate Christianity in which Timothy Alberino discusses in greater detail the issues of the apostasy invasion within  Christianity.  To order this DVD see the DVD offer on the order form at the end of this newsletter.

Phase #1 The breaking down of fundamental doctrines (the backbone) of Christianity. The invasion of Illuminati “tares” in  pulpits and seminaries has taken its toll. In 1987, a survey appeared in a well known and popular ministerial periodical by the name of Pulpit Helps, in which over 10,000 denominational pastors were asked if they believed in the following Christian doctrines:

· The virgin birth of Jesus Christ

· The physical resurrection of Jesus Christ

· The reality of demonic powers

· The Scriptures being inspired by God and inerrant

The shocking reality is that on the average over 80% of these mainline denominational pastors denied all of these foundational doctrines. That survey was taken 30 years ago—imagine what the percentage would be now!

Phase #2  The ecumenical goal of bringing all denominations together under one “universal” religion requires eliminating certain foundational Christian doctrines and the true Biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ. This false ecumenical movement promises:

· Peace  … However, they say in order to have peace, we will have to take dominion through going to war. Christian Dominionists are warlords, who believe war is necessary in  order to take dominion over the “7 mountains” [4] of civilization so Jesus can come back to earth. Many Dominionists are presently in the White House prophesying (NAR prophets) and advising President Trump. (1 Thess 5:3) For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them…

[4] The NAR  7 mountains are: #1 government #2 education #3 arts/entertainment #4 commerce/business #5 religion #6 medical industry #7 family

· SafetyIn order to be safe and secure we will have to align ourselves with the Luciferian NWO. This will involve FEMA camps and Martial Law for food, shelter and for survival. How many “Christians” will compromise to receive food, water and medical attention? (Rev 6:8)  So I looked, and behold, a pale horse… And power was given over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, (war) and with hunger

Unity … In order to achieve unity, there will be betrayal against those who go counter to the Luciferian agenda, just as Jesus said there would be. (Mark 13:12) Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.

“Take heed that no one deceives you… For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.
-Matt 24:4-5

Phase #3. This is the Luciferian ultimate apostate goal… the universal worship of Lucifer. Many have taught that when the Bible talks about the “false prophet” it is speaking of a specific person. However, the false prophet is depicted as a “beast” [5] that rises up from the earth. This is a false religious system not a person as many now teach. (Rev 13:11-12) And I beheld another beast (apostate religious system) coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns (two sources of power) like a lamb, (i.e. apostate Christianity) but he spoke as a dragon (promoted Luciferian doctrine). This text goes on to say: (vs. 12) And he (the second beast—the “lamb” or apostate Christianity) exercised all the power from the dragon (Luciferianism) [who was] the first beast before him.

[5] In the prophetic Scriptures a “beast” represents a system (i.e. religious, political, financial etc.) and the horns on a beast usually represent sources of power associated with the beast.

Notice this second beast false religious system—got its authority from the dragon Satan’s Luciferian NWO system) and — (the lamb, meaning the apostate religious system) caused the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast (Lucifer or Satan’s Antichrist system, meaning the dragon). How could this happen? It is because he (Lucifer and his Luciferians i.e. the dragon) control the world’s  peace and safety (i.e. the money and life sustaining food-water-shelter), to have these—people will have to come into unity with the apostate religious system—and his 666 antichrist system—thus posing as a “lamb” (apostate Christianity) will in reality be speaking as Luciferians.

 The Apostate LAMB

Watchman Nathan Leal does an excellent job of teaching on the beast of  (Rev 13) that caused the world to worship (serve) the dragon. He emphasizes that the 2nd beast looked like a “lamb” (looked like what we know as Christianity) but spoke like a dragon (Illuminati-Luciferianism), which Nathan    referrers to the NAR (i.e. New Apostolic Reformation) and their “Dominionism Theology” [6]  being a part of this system. This movement if you take the time to do the research, has definitely been   infiltrated by the illuminati, and has also infiltrated every segment of present day Christianity in one way or another—as I have written on in this the past. I fully agree with Nathan’s application concerning the NAR  and (Rev 13).

[6] For more information on Dominionism Theology, request a FREE COPY of the Watchman Report on Dominionism

As mentioned previously, Timothy Alberino was also shown that the second beast of (Rev 13) referred to the Luciferianism’s universal faith promoted by Ecumenicalism’s World Council of Churches. I see both men as being correct in their prophetic applications, because dominionism is a Luciferianism Ecumenical false doctrine—is promoted by the NAR and also by the Catholic Church (again do your research and you will find that the NAR and the Catholic Church are in bed together).

This “lamb like” beast (apostate religious system)  has two “horns” (2 sources of power)—I see this as representing the two sources of power associated with apostate Christianity—one horn representing the Protestant (evangelical and Charismatic power) and the second horn representing the Catholic (Lucifarian ecumenical power) both having ecumenicalism and dominionism (i.e. religious unity and world domination) as their agenda. With leaders like Rick Warren, Kenneth Copeland and Rick Joyner uniting with the Catholic church, it is clear the Illuminati invasion has been successful.

     What about the religion of Islam? Lest we forget, the current Pope is doing his best to create “Christian” unity among Islamic leaders. For instance regarding a recent trip, a Catholic periodical is quoted as saying, “On the papal plane returning from World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, Pope Francis denied that Islam itself is violent and insisted that the potential for violence lies within every religion, including Catholicism” [7].  Whatever the basis for uniting world religions turns out to be, or how all of this plays out —apostate Christianity is definitely leading the way.

What to Look for in a True End Time Fellowship

The Bible makes it clear that it going to be essential in these end times to “assemble” with other true believers:

And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good (i.e. beneficial) works… not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching.(Heb 10:24-25)

Pope Francis Prays In Istanbul Mosque In New Chrislam Outreach

So with all of the apostate corruption in end time Christianity, the big question becomes, where does the true remnant find a genuine fellowship of believers and what does a true Christian Fellowship even  look like?  In order to function as a true Christian fellowship it must have leaders who:

1. Are laying down their lives for the sheep.

2. Are devoted to teaching (all) the Scriptures and not go beyond them.

3. Are devoted to the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ.

4. Have an understanding of the Biblical model for TRUE fellowship and see to it that it exists among the sheep.

5. They are not influenced by the world’s systems and they will have nothing to do with it.

Assembling with others in this current generation of technology, can now be done by phone, skype or periodic gatherings for specific purposes, like baptisms, special meetings etc.  In the early church they met from “house to house” and broke bread—daily and this included not only sharing meals together, but also breaking the “bread of life” through sharing the Scriptures and through prayer. I go “house to house” just about daily through the various means just mentioned. In fact, I spend many hours every week “fellow-shipping” with other believers of like mind and faith this way. We are constantly sharing the Word of God, having times of prayer and praising the Lord together. Most of those I fellowship with live in many parts of the country.  I have had more intimate and genuine fellowship this way, than I ever did in any “organized church” —which I left and came out from among—some ten years ago now. While I was part of that organizational system I found there to be very little, if any at all — true transparency and intimacy (fellowship) among those in attendance. In fact, before I became a pastor, and attended organized “churches”— few, if any of my fellow “pew warmers,  knew little about me and I knew next to nothing about most of them—of whom many I’m sure—were not even genuine Christians. When I became a Pastor, I not only strove do the above “5” things I mentioned that leaders must do, I was also given the mandate by the Lord to do what (Heb 10:24-25) commands… In order to have true fellowship with those  who were involved in our ministry. The text in  (Heb 10:24-25) states that true fellowship involves two vital aspects of the Biblical Model for true Christian fellowship, which requires that we:

· CONSIDER one another NT:2657 katanoeo (kat-an-o-eh’-o); to fully observe, discover or discern; CWSD: to learn thoroughly about or accurately assume, think or believe.  

· EXHORT one another NT:3870 parakaleo (par-ak-al-eh’-o) CWSD: to call upon to aid, to admonish (i.e. to counsel, warn, correct) with the motive of encouraging or bringing comfort. I can tell you right now, having been a pastor for twelve years, the above two words are not practiced, nor do they want to be— by your average “pew warmer”—because unless you are a true and obedient follower of the Word of our one True God (Jesus Christ)—having others CONSIDER and EXHORT you—is not something you will welcome or even allow. Nor will you be willing to take responsibility to consider or exhort others who profess to be Christians.  The average Christian believes that their private life is just that—PRIVATE. They do not want others to meddle (consider) in their lives or especially to JUDGE (exhort) them.  We are to be held accountable to one another as believers for how we live our lives. Our lives are to be an open book, so others can see what we really are all about—and how God deals with the good—the bad—and ugly in our lives. (2 Cor 3:2) “You are our epistle… known and read by all men…”

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The focus of this article is a report on the recent emergence of Dominion Theology in Charismatic and
Pentecostal circles, and the primary theologian and thinker behind this movement. These
Dominionists tend to scorn and belittle those who would exercise their God-given self-defense weapon of
discernment. Those who would obey scripture and “test all things” are often mocked and ridiculed and labeled legalistic ‘Pharisees.’ Dominion teachers falsely teach that the Gospel of Salvation is achieved by
setting up the “Kingdom of God” as a literal and physical kingdom to be “advanced” on Earth in the present

The so-called “Emergent Church” is the stepchild of postmodernism. This ideology contends it is arrogant to believe that one can know absolute truth; instead the “truth” is that truth, which is only determined by our personal subjective opinions and is, fashioned by culture and not Scripture. Is this
concept even remotely associated with a logical thought process? It is contended that each person must find his own way to God, and not be addicted to “bibliolatry!”

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How is it possible for God’s people to be deceived?
Many professing Christians are following ministers and ministries simply because they are entertaining or operate in signs and wonders. They are not asking—is it another gospel, another Jesus or another spirit that is bringing forth lying signs and wonders, doctrines of demons, a false Christ or false anointing? It is crucial to understand what the Bible has to say about these things
because we are living in the last days when many, including professing Christians, are being
deceived. Another subject of importance examined in this book is that of unity among professing Christians. Unity founded upon compromise has no power against demonic forces. It is vital to know what the Bible has to say about these issues, so we as God’s people will not fall prey to Satan’s deceptions and demonic seductions, which can result in…even the very elect being
deceived! This book has a wealth of valuable insights and revelation to help God’s people
overcome the deceits and strategies of the enemy in these end times.

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  Christians are not to have a “secret” (private) life among the body of Christ. This is why sin is rampant among professing Christians—it is allowed too to go unchecked. In this modern era of Christianity, there is very little “transparency” and “accountability” which is why the body of Christ is so spotted (defiled) and so badly wrinkled (twisted). Unconverted sinners need to see the real deal in our lives. We are supposed to be a genuine testimony of God’s transforming power.

Unless we are in genuine fellowship with other genuine Christians who are who are filled with and motivated by God’s love—considering and  exhorting one another will not happen as God intends, among nominal “pew warmers.”  Very few who profess to be Christians really understand what the Bible is saying when it teaches us about what LOVE really is. This is the only foundation for our relationship and fellowship with God and other true believers. Love within Christianity has been redefined by apostate  Christianity. Love is a requiring word and without an accurate Scriptural  understanding of love and all that it requires of us, we will never mature in our  relationship and fellowship with God and His people. God’s love is meant to redeem and to restore what sin has corrupted and twisted. May we truly find and experience genuine fellowship with God and experience His…

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